So, How does this “Colostrum Challenge Guarantee” Work?

Just like in the case study below, we work with you to determine your current status and then set goals that are specific to your farm. Once we all agree on the protocols and the goals, equipment is setup and training is established for you and your crew.

If your goals are not coming into site within 90 days, we revisit protocols and other possible bottlenecks. If you are not completely satisfied by 6 months, we will refund the cost of the equipment, consumable items, and shipping.

And, “Yes, we expect the equipment to be functioning and usable”, but there are no other hidden details in the fine print.

Do you have a colostrum management program?

How many cows are you milking?
Less than 100100 - 300300 - 500500 - 1,0001,000 - 2,5002,500 - 5,0005,000 - 10,000More than 10,000


No BS Dairy in Central California

2,500 Cows


Client owned multiple dairies and decided to pick the one with the most issues to test our Perfect Udder® Colostrum Challenge Guarantee.


  • Improve Blood Serum Levels
  • Reduce Mortality
  • To Have the Best Calves out of ALL Their Farms


  • Tube Feed 4L of Pasteurized Colostrum to each calf within an hour of birth using one feed tube per calf.
  • Date Started: June 1, 2019


  • 1 DT30G pasteurizer: so that they could easily handle the heavy days of calving that reach 10-15 calves per day and 1-3 gallons of colostrum per cow.
  • 1 Matilda®, for reheating bags from the colostrum bank for timely feeding of calves when necessary.
  • 4L Perfect Udder® Bags
  • Disposable Perfect Udder® Esophageal Feed Tubes


For the year prior to starting the Colostrum Challenge, the mortality rates on No BS farm averaged 5% with a monthly range from 1-8%. Within 3 months of initiating improved colostrum management, mortality rates dropped to <2% consistently.

Total serum protein was the measurement tool they used to monitor results of each calf between 1-5 days of age. For the 5 months prior to the Challenge, 98% of calves were <5.3g/dL and 99% of mortality was from this group. Only 2% were 5.3-6 and rarely a calf >6g/dL. Once the heat-treated colostrum flowed for 90 days, the results were astounding.

Now, 28% of calves were >6 with only 1% mortality. 33% of calves were 5.3-6 with 0% mortality and what used to be 98% of calves was now down to 39% <5.3g/dL and <2% mortality. They expect to get even better on this farm. NO BS!

Have you already guessed what will get that low STP group above 6? CORRECT… the second feeding of colostrum is super important.