We Make Colostrum Management SIMPLE.

Every newborn calf represents an opportunity for you to improve your herd’s production and health. The most influential, cost-effective way to accomplish this is to ensure that each calf receives the correct volume of high quality, pathogen-free colostrum within the first hour of their life.

Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management Bags are the solution for handling colostrum, from harvest to feeding, without the fear of re-contamination.

So, how much colostrum does a calf need?

Colostrum intake should = 15% body weight

  • 10% of its body weight in the first hour of life.
  • 5% more 8-10 hours later.

That’s why we offer three, dose-specific bag sizes.

  • 4 Liters for calves over 66lbs/30kg
  • 3 Liters for calves under 66lbs/30kg
  • 2 Liters for the Second Feeding

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