Perfect Udder® FeedTubes

When we talk about esophageal feeding tubes, one size does NOT fit all. That is why we offer two sizes; one for Smaller Calves (under 66 lbs./30kg) and one for Larger calves (over 66 66 lbs./30kg).

A small calf benefits from a feeding tube with a smaller safety-bulb diameter that not only reduces esophageal irritation, but still resists insertion into its windpipe/trachea. For this reason, Dairy Tech’s research and development team created an esophageal feeding tube specifically designed for calves weighing less than 66 lbs/30kg.

We can proudly say that we are the only company in the WORLD to introduce a small calf esophageal feeding tube to the market that not only addresses these requirements, but is disposable as well.

Easier on the Calf & Biosecure. Win, win!


Our brand new Perfect Udder® Basic Esophageal Feed Tube for Small Calves has a reduced diameter safety bulb, and is also more flexible. Smaller calves can now be tube-fed without worry or concern that the tube is irritating the sensitive tissue in the laryngeal region.

24Please know that while the safety-bulb was designed to resist insertion in to the trachea, it is still possible. That is why it is important to seek out instruction and training on how to properly use an esophageal tube feeder. Each farm should have a Standard Operating Procedure for esophageal feeding. Learn to palpate the tip of the feeder in the esophagus along the neck.

If you can feel it, you can feed it!